Mark Boswell


I started playing bridge in high school but really got "hooked" in college to both rubber and duplicate bridge. Academically, I struggled to overcome the "hook", and did so to earn BA, JD, and MBA degrees. I recently retired after a long career as a lawyer. 


I consider myself a student of bridge.  I have read well over 100 books on bridge and many of them more than once.  I just wish I could remember and apply, at the appropriate time, all that I have read! I have been blessed with excellent partners.


I give bridge lectures at our Unit's Sectionals.  I gladly make myself available to anyone who wants to discuss bridge and improve their game.  I have served on  District 8's and Unit 143's discipline committees.


I have always believed that bridge can be enjoyed by many people and all skill levels.


I am married to a wonderful women who raised two great children.



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