I. The fiscal year of this organization shall be from October 1 to September 30.

II. Three annual regularly scheduled sectional tournaments shall be held in the St. Louis metropolitan area.

III. No fewer than seven (7) days in advance of a regularly scheduled Board meeting, the President shall provide or cause to be provided to every Board member an agenda for such meeting.

IV. The compensation of the Secretary and any other long-term employee of the Board shall be determined annually at the last regularly scheduled Board meeting before the end of the fiscal year.

V. No Board member shall publish or cause to be published any policy statement on behalf of the Board without prior adoption of that policy by the Board.

VI. No Board member shall obligate the Board to any expenditure exceeding Two Hundred and Fifty Dollars ($250) without prior authorization by the Board.  Tournament and annual budget items shall be excluded from this requirement.

VII. In the event of a need to make decisions on emergency items of business, if there is not time to consult with the full Board, the President shall consult with an Executive Committee composed of the elected officers of the Board. Should one or more such elected officers be unavailable, the President shall nominate as their replacements, on an ad hoc basis only, any other voting Board member or members so that an Executive Committee of three is formed. All remaining Board members shall be notified of any decision so taken at the first available opportunity.

VIII. In the event of the death or serious illness of any member of the Board, it shall be the policy of the Board to send flowers or other appropriate gift to the member or his/her family. ln the event of death or serious illness within the Board member's immediate family, it shall be the policy of the Board to send an appropriate card.

IX. It shall be the policy of this Board that, in recognition of the time and effort expended by its officers and members, all such members, voting and non-voting, shall be entitled to two (2) sessions of free play at each St. Louis Sectional tournament and four (4) sessions of free play at the St. Louis Regional tournament.

X. No electioneering shall be allowed within twenty (20) feet of the ballot box during the hours it is open for election to membership on the Board.

XI. Immediately after the close of every calendar year, a Unit 143 Ed Schultz Unit Champion for that year shall be selected. Such person shall be the Unit 143 member awarded the most "Unit Points" during the calendar year. The most recent Unit Points schedule adopted by the Board shall be used in this determination.

XII. Checks written to satisfy Unit obligations shall be signed by the Treasurer, President, or Vice-President.  Checks in excess of twenty-five hundred dollars ($2500) shall be signed by two of the above Board officers.

XIII.  In the event of a resignation of an Officer or Board member, a meeting of the Unit 143 Board shall be held within 72 hours to acknowledge such resignation.  No announcement of the resignation shall be made until after that Board meeting.

XIV.  The treasurer shall be allowed to advance budgeted money for purchases for unit tournament use to be followed by proper submission of receipts for the purchases.


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