Jack Bryant

Unit 143 Lifetime Achievement Award


Today is a very special day for Unit 143 as we honor Jack Bryant with our first time ever Lifetime Achievement Award. This award recognizes outstanding long-term service to Unit 143 and exceptional individual bridge achievement------Jack Bryant fits the bill on both of these counts.

Jack has faithfully served Unit 143 for 23 years—12 years while on the board and
11 years while off the board. He has been President of the Unit, Secretary/ Treasurer, and Corresponding Secretary. This latter role he still performs today. 23 years represents an amazing level of contribution to the Unit for which we are extremely grateful.

In addition to being an outstanding Unit volunteer, Jack has achieved great
individual success in the bridge arena. He’s earned more than 18,000 masterpoints— which is higher than any other St. Louis player to date. He’s ranked 126th in the ACBL Top 500 list of masterpoint holders. He’s made it to the Barry Crane Top 500 27 times, finishing as high as 115th. Jack has won the Unit Mini McKinny for his bracket 14 times and Unit 143 Player of the Year 5 times.

In tournament competition, Jack has come very close to winning a National title. He came in 3rd place in 1997 in the North American Pairs and 14th place in the 2010 World IMP pairs. He also has finished 1st place in 107 regional events.
Despite this impressive resume, Jack has not let his success go to his head. He is
approachable, professional, and courteous at the table to his partners and his opponents.

He is a great resource for bridge questions and information. Jack exemplifies that rare combination of an unselfish volunteer spirit combined with a strong individual competitor.

For all these reasons, Unit 143 is proud and honored to present the first Unit 143
Lifetime Achievement Award to Jack Bryant.

October 2013





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