Get your team together for the     

District 8 Grand National Teams

May 4 & 5, 2019

United Community Bank's Community Building, Sherman IL

 Saturday, May 4:  1:00 pm & TBA  -- Flights A & B

 Sunday, May 5:     10:30 am  -- Open & Flight C
                                --  A & B semi-finals and finals   


The Open and Flight C events will be one day only (Sunday). Depending on how many teams are entered in Flights A and B, these events may be completed in one day (Saturday) or continue on Sunday.


Trips to Las Vegas, NV -- and regional-rated gold points -- are offered in the 2019 District 8 finals of this national team event. Any team of four, five or six District 8 members can enter in one of four separate flights.

Open championship:  Unlimited

Flight A:   0-6000 masterpoints

Flight B:   0-2500

Flight C:   0-500 (non-Life Masters)


The winning team in each flight will receive a travel award (a minimum of $1000 per team) from the District 8 Board to play in the national finals in Las Vegas in July.


Your flight eligibility is determined by the number of masterpoints you held on September 1, 2018. You must be a paid-up member of ACBL to enter.


Open flight:  One day only (Sunday). Straight KO or two-session round-robin and KO.

A & B flights:  Qualifying round on Saturday. Finals and semi-finals on Sunday if needed. Four or fewer teams in a flight will be a straight KO; 5-7 teams will be three sessions (Swiss qualifying on Saturday; KO on Sunday); 8+ teams will be four sessions. 

Flight C:  One day only (Sunday). Two-session Swiss teams.


Directions: The United Community Bank's Community Building is in Sherman IL, is just north of Springfield. Off I-55, take exit 105.


Reservations requested:  Please notify GNT Coordinator Carole Sholes by phone or text (217-622-1955) or email at
if you plan to play. In your request, include the names of your team members and indicate which flight you'll be entering.


Deadline is April 29, 2019.


See Flyer for this event here.












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