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... Confused about duplicate lingo, duplicate, or ACBL terminology?

On-Line Bridge Dictionary - The Bridge World guide to bridge terminology and slang.
ACBL from A to Z - Gain a better understanding of ACBL's programs, organization, & awards.
Explanation of Events - Discover the many types of games and tournaments.
Special Events - Find descriptions of various ACBL special events.


Welcome to New Unit 143 Members



Apr 2017

Matthew Krause

Mary Moore

Brian Rohlik

Carol Stampley


Mar 2017

Suzanne Baldwin

Gary and Jeanne Dardick

Carmen Fort

Karen Hempstead

Bryan Lane

Linda Mertens

Julie Rogers

Brad Storrs

Judith Witzel


Feb 2017

Margaret Adams

Mrs. Kathleen A. Boudreau

William Gay

Nancy Pierson

Roz Rothman

Emilie Schaffer

Carol Shipley

Richard Torbert


Jan 2017

Mary Corcoran

Ms. Neathery Fuller

Constance B. Gentach

Molly Herrington

Debbie Kegler

Larry Klein

Becky Litherland

Carol Weber

Dec 2016



Tom Highfill


Nov 2016

Warren Winer


Oct 2016

Chuck Bauche

Betsy Douglass

Lisa Merwin

Susan Stangler

Sept 2016

Gene Coffman

David Despain

Mary Graham

Thomas Kahn

Kenneth Kwantes

Renee Marver

Martin Senger

Laurie Sperling

Margie Theleman

AUG 2016

Joe Fleagle

Susan Coris

Linda Lee

Katherine Lupo

Bob Olshan

Florrey Shulman

Julie Thorpe

JULY 2016

David Bruder

Ellen Lieberman

Brian Schuler

Barbara Soule

Lawrence White

JUNE 2016

Donald W Cramer

Susan Kottler

Barry M Krell

John McCarthy

Linda M Nelson

Martha S Rumora

Karen K Silverstein

David Soshnik



MAY 2016

Hedy Glover

Allan Goodloe

Paul Lee

Dr. Morton Lynn

Joan Marshall

Lois Miller

Riffi O Brien

Rich Seiter

Dr. Jerry Vesper

APRIL 2016

Michael Caldwell

Darlene Callanan

Kenneth Hieronymus

Dian Kline

Leslie Ladley

March 2016


Robert Becker

Joseph Coleman

Richard Engelhardt

Gerry Frankenfeld

Danial Link

Susan Moll

Barbara Reinwald

Donna Roche

Amy Shipley

Scott Shipley

Feb 2016


Sam Fitzgerald

Kwokhao Lee

Bob Schaefer

Mathew Schuler

Geri Specker

Brad Stout

Janet Williams

Jan 2016

Judy Baugus

Valeria Brauch

Jonathan Hertlein

Norman Jones

Mary Kube

Ulla Nolan

Karen Schneider

John Trudell

Michael Walsh

Linn Wells


ACBL "Bridge Bites"

click on above link to go to ACBL website - (also linked from home page)

...geared toward the beginner/newcomer bridge player.


A weekly feature from the ACBL Marketing department,

so check back regularly.

        The first article, titled Elementary, begins, "Crime in London appeared to be taking a vacation, and Sherlock found himself on opening lead at the Baker Street Bridge Club"...


Lessons, Tips, and Learning Opportunities

from the ACBL Bridge Bulletin

Read .pdf's of past columns that appeared in the Bridge Bulletin dating back to January 2005 by going to ACBL.org and click on "Bridge Bulletin Online" on far left under "MyACBL.

Eddie Kantar kantarbridge.com
Tips worth their weight in gold - that don't cost a cent.
Marti Ronemus   mronemus@comcast.net
Welcomes e-mails "from (almost) anyone!"
Barbara Seagram barbaraseagram.com
At the center of her home page, there is a button bar that takes you to an excellent newsletter.
Frank Stewart frs1016@centurylink.net
Welcomes readers who have a question of a general nature."  His syndicated column, "Daily Bridge Club" appears everyday on Baron Barclay website.
Karen Walker kwbridge.com

Our very own District 8 teacher and author.  Her site is "mainly a site for learners, but has dozens of lessons, convention summaries, book reviews, and other features for players of all skill levels.

Various bridgeblogging.com
Bobby Wolff's bridge column, "Aces on Bridge," (2 weeks delayed) is presented daily on this site.  a hub for a number of bridge-related blogs and features links to Phillip Alder's current and archived articles published in The New York Times.



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