Mission Statement

Unit 143 Board of Directors

The Mission Statement of the Unit 143 Board of Directors was revisited in May 2006, after 10 years, and this current Mission was adopted:

Our mission is to promote and sustain duplicate bridge, especially tournament bridge, in the Greater St. Louis area.   We provide benefits to members that will enhance their playing experience and skills.   We will maintain publicity that attracts and informs current and prospective members to duplicate bridge and tournament play.

Our Energy is focused on:

  • strong tournament offerings
  • offerings to our members of the date book, the electronic membership directory, & the website
  • increasing the number new members and retention of these new members in their first 2 years of membership
  • enhanced publicity of tournament and unit events
  • enhanced offerings to Intermediate/Novice players, a large % of our membership

Past Board Goals 2006-2007

Geographical Map of Unit 143 by county

Where We Live

We have created a scatter diagram of where Unit members reside.

Have a look, it's interesting!

This map of Where We Live is kept on the Membership Stats page

under the News/Member Services menu.


Board Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month, (skipping August), at Creve Coeur Government Center, room 1, at 7 PM.   Approved minutes are posted as soon as approved the month following. 

All Unit members are welcome at any board meeting; just show up.  You may listen and observe, but not participate in the discussion.


 Should YOU become a Board Member?

 How to become a Board Member

Terms of Current Board Members

Board members may serve no more than three consecutive 3-year terms, and no more than 9 consecutive years.

Requirements for Proposals made to Education Committee





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